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August 13 / General

Estatuto Inovadora COTEC 2021

A DRT Rapid-Protótipos e moldes,Lda foi distinguida pelos seus padrões de solidez financeira, competências de inovação e desempenho económico.
Resultado de uma parceria entre as Instituições do sector financeiro e a COTEC Portugal, o Estatuto INOVADORA COTEC tem como propósito distinguir as empresas de desempenho superior através do reconhecimento do exemplo, elevação da notoriedade e reforço do valor pelo mercado.
Foram atribuídos 566  “Estatuto INOVADORA COTEC” de 1021 candidaturas recebidas, das quais 890 elegíveis.
November 30 / General

DRT Rapid e Vidrimolde juntam-se no projeto DDM4Glass na procura de soluções inovadoras para a indústria vidreira

Num consórcio liderado pela Vidrimolde, composto pela DRT Rapid e Instituto Politécnico de Leiria, foi iniciado o projeto DDM4Glass, que vem responder à necessidade e procura por soluções que permitam produzir ferramentas específicas de valor acrescentado, através de processos de fabrico direto digital (Direct Digital Manufacturing).

O projeto DDM4Glass, tem como principal objetivo a produção de moldes para vidro de elevada complexidade, produção de peças de elevado valor acrescentado e de moldes de alto desempenho em relação aos produzidos através de processos convencionais.

Foram identificados e eleitos processos tecnológicos e híbridos, que conjugam soluções aditivas com subtrativas, tornando o processo mais eficiente e capaz de desenvolver soluções, metodologias e estratégias de construção de moldes para vidro.

Saiba tudo sobre este projeto aqui

September 29 / General

DRT renews its status as 2020 SME Leader.

A distinction created by IAPMEI in partnership with Turismo de Portugal, main bank entities and Mutual Guarantee Societies, which aims to distinguish and give prominence to companies that show the best performance and management indicators, marking the national competitive capacity.

In this year of challenges and adaptations to a new reality, for us this distinction means another year of achievements and a reinforcement of motivation.

October 24 / General

Open Shop Floor at DRT

In the past october, 16  took place in the DRT installations the Open Shop Floor, an event powered by COTEC Portugal and IAPMEI that integrate the government initiative “Industry 4.0”. These sessions aim to address the way companies adopt the different concepts of this norm and promote the sharing of experiences among the various entities present.

This event was attended by entities from north to south of Portugal linked to different sectors, from textiles, molds, higher education institutions, research and technological development companies, business associations, among others.

With the constant advance and innovation in new technologies, themes such as artificial intelligence are a reason for success for companies that bet on this dynamic. DRT believes that the key to success lies in the constant search for new processes that promote efficiency and effectiveness in the management and production of the company. It was with this in mind that DRT Rapid developed its latest advanced management software, SBI – System for Business Intelligence.

To the presents was introduced the way that these system is integrated in the management and production process inside DRT and how it benefits in all production phases.

In this way we thank COTEC Portugal, IAPMEI and all those who were present in this sharing experiences and knowledge.



October 7 / General

Open Shop Floor | DRT Rapid

The next Open Shop Floor take place at October 16 at DRT Rapid.
Registration until October 14th through the form.
The audience of the event is limited and registrations are considered in order of arrival.

Sign up on:


October 1 / General

SBI public presentation

The SBI public presentation was yesterday and it was an opportunity to show all the joint work done between DRT Advance and IPL during the last year, regarding the enhancement of the SBI implementation process and the customer support processes.

The event took place on IPL installations in Leiria and several DRT Advance’s partners and clients were there to see the results of this collaboration.

The focus on client support is crucial for DRT Advance to accomplish our full commitment with our client’s needs, and so the partnership with IPL allowed us to get new and improved tools to manage client updates and instalments.

The close contact with academic institutions is a priority for DRT Advance. These partnerships allow both parties to share knowledge and train new professionals in real-life contexts, allowing to sustain an added value growth for the future.

For more news or additional details, please contact:


September 25 / General

SBI public presentation

Next  September 30 will take place a public presentation session about SBI – System for Business Intelligence.

It is a revolutionary management software, that was developed by DRT with the goal to simplified and boost the global management of any business. With the incorporation of A.I. (artificial intelligence), complex heuristics and algorithms of machine Learning, the control and decision making by project managers and company administrators becomes much more effective and efficient. Currently, SBI can be used by any business, such as mass production or production on demand, proven reality in the DRT group.

The session take place at 2:30 pm, at Building D, Campus 2 of School of Technology and Management of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria.

More information about the event, please contact

December 19 / General

Artificial Intelligence, for project management in the industry

The event that was a great way to launch the SBI (System Business Intelligence), a system developed by DRT Rapid and the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (IPL) took place on the 6th of December at 09:30 at School of Technology and Management (ESTG). Based on the use of Artificial Intelligence, this advanced production planning and management software for the moulds and special tools industry allows, through the integration of many systems, to simplify and boost the overall management of the mould production process, enhancing its effectiveness and efficiency in the manager’s decision-making. It is therefore a revolutionary tool that enables real productivity gains, cost and time reduction, thus allowing the systematization of processes and responding to the preparation of companies to Industry 4.0. The benefits may be summed up by the system’s slogan: “When data becomes knowledge, progress has no limits.”

July 7 / General

SBI on magazine Exame Informática

SBI, is news in Exame Informática magazine.

June 2 / General


DRT attended Moulding Expo Exhibition which took place in Stuttgart from the 30th of May to the 2nd of June 2017.