Injection Moulding Machines

from 250Ton
up to 2700Ton


Injection Moulding Machines

At our Production Center we ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. Our machines are prepared to work with a robotic system and different technologies. Thanks to the ECO-Drive system that reduces the energy consumption, as well as the IQ weight and melt control, we guarantee a sustainable impact and better results.


  • Stack Mould;
  • MuCell;
  • Tandem;
  • GID;
  • 2K and Multi component;
  • Overmolding – insert mould, Over textile, foam moulding;
  • Vario-cooling;
  • IML;
  • Injection compression.

Metrology and Quality

At our Metrology Department we are focused on controlling the different stages of the process in an accurate and rigorous way. With an area of 450 m² and high-tech equipment, we guarantee optimal operational performance and capability on every project. We have a rigorous temperature control and a clean room in order to ensure the quality required by our customers.